Fetster is a kink dating site that takes it well beyond the usual dating features; it is instead considered to be a full-fledged community with message boards, blogs and anonymous posts. If you want to use it strictly for BDSM dating, you’ll be pleased to learn that the messaging and dating features are varied and vast, and you can access the entire site without paying a cent.

Pros of Fetster

  • Full access to the site is available free of charge
  • Forum and board-based site allows you to really get involved with the community
  • Rate photos, leave comments and interact in other ways that make it easier to connect with users

Cons of Fetster

  • The website is sorely outdated and visually unappealing
  • You must provide a postcode upon sign-up
  • Sign-up takes a while

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process takes a bit of time, as it asks you to go further than just entering your basic details. When you sign up, you are also given an in-depth questionnaire to fill out, and in this way, you are already well on your way to filling out a deep and compelling profile. By doing this, other members of the site will be able to see what you’re about and if your interests align with one another.

Using the Site

Fetster is thought to be more than just a typical dating site. While there are the standard dating site features such as profiles, photos and messaging, there is also a big community on the site that will allow you to really connect with people who share your lifestyle. There are forums, blogs and even a space to make anonymous confessions and talk about your kink if you are ready to just get it out there. Message boards on specific topics are available, so you can become a part of a subgroup of this community as well. Even so, much of this section seems to be people just advertising their own profiles with no interest in uniting the community, but the intent is there.


Fetster is one of the few sites that is absolutely free. Unlike other similar dating sites, this site gives you full access to the website without having to pay a cent for it. If you can put up with the difficult-to-navigate and sincerely outdated page, it might be worth signing up for just for that.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest drawbacks for many people who use the site, especially for those who understandably value discretion and privacy, is the fact that you have to enter a postcode when you sign up. There is no way to hide it, and you can’t just skip past it in the sign-up section. You could theoretically use a different postcode that is nowhere near your location, but it could throw off the algorithm.

Final Thoughts

Fetster is a great dating site for BDSM enthusiasts who want to involve themselves in the community as much as they want to find a partner. It is rich with features, and because it is free to use, there really may be no reason not to give it a shot.