Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dating site that is specifically geared toward people who are married or otherwise in committed relationships looking to start an affair with another person. With a tagline that reads, “Life is Short. Have an Affair,” the purpose of the site is made abundantly clear. Tens of thousands of people start an Ashley Madison account each month, even after the data leak scandal rocked the website in 2015, thanks to the site’s ability to rebuild their image after the fall. Is Ashley Madison a site that is worth the effort in spite of the risk?

Starting a Profile

Starting a profile at Ashley Madison is free of charge, and the registration process is simple and straightforward. All you need in order to sign up is your basic information like any other dating website as well as information about your height, ethnicity and any limits you might have in pursuit of an affair. Your relationship status must be specified upon signing up. Otherwise, the limited information that is required to sign up is in line with the discretion that Ashley Madison builds their premise around.  It takes only a few minutes to complete, with one of the last steps being uploading a photo of yourself. Even so, you can blur the image or put a mask filter on to keep your privacy intact.

Prices for Subscription

Ashley Madison is different in the way that it operates on credits instead of a recurring membership, which could also be to help with discretion so a recurring subscription isn’t present on any bills. When you do get charged, it won’t show up on your statement as Ashley Madison. The premium subscriptions break down into something like this:

  • Basic Tier: 100 credits costs $0.59 per credit for a total cost of $59.
  • Classic Tier: 500 credits costs $0.34 per credit for a total cost of $169.
  • Elite Tier: 1,000 credits cost $0.29 per credit for a total cost of $289.

Premium Features

Women can always send free messages regardless of whether the account is free or paid. By signing up for premium services, all accounts are given access to a few additional features, but there aren’t too many that are exclusive only to Ashley Madison since the site is pretty basic and straightforward. They include:

  • The ability to send virtual gifts in order to make yourself stand out
  • The ability to send personalized messages that aren’t available on the free version
  • A boost in your profile visibility so you can get more contacts
  • The ability to initiate chats
  • The use of the Travel Man feature to signify you are traveling and want to meet someone away from home
  • Access to a favorite’s list with up to 100 profiles that you want to revisit
  • Discreet photos with blurred features

Final Thoughts

Ashley Madison has all of the basic features of a standard dating site and isn’t really anything all too unique outside of the market that it serves. If you are in a relationship, this would be a good site for you. Singles could take it or leave it.