ALT is a site that is geared toward kinksters who are into everything from BDSM and beyond. It is an in-depth site that takes the extra time to figure out who its users are and what they are hoping to get out of the site through in-depth questions that help the members on the site find people who truly align with their wants and interests. With a quick match feature and many messaging options, connecting seems easy on

Pros of

  • Free membership is possible
  • The member base is large and most of them are active
  • Brings together members of the alternative sex community

Cons of

  • The free account only offers limited access to the site
  • The interface is complicated to navigate and is quite dark
  • There are plenty of fake profiles
  • Profile questions are lengthy

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for is one that is quite in-depth, especially compared to similar sites. The initial sign-up is easy, as you just need to enter basic information about yourself. After that, however, there is a questionnaire that is more in-depth and can take a while to complete. Even though it is tedious, the purpose of it might be worth it to most users; the idea is to really get a feel for who you are and what you’re looking for so other users know exactly what it is you are pursuing. The result of spending a few minutes on this might mean not having to waste your time with incompatible people later on.

Using the Site

The messaging center is full of features that other sites tend to lack. You can use both a standard messaging service or an instant messenger if that is more your speed. Users can set up automatic responses to be sent to any incoming messages to help you weed out spam. If you do get pestered by members, you can block them with ease or preemptively filter out messages from certain users that don’t align with your interests.

Security and Safety puts a lot of focus and emphasis on the fact that the site is only for users over 18 years of age, but it has been noted that people sign up for the account under fake aliases all the time, which means that there may be underage users on the site. For this reason, people will sometimes avoid using altogether. It has a privacy policy that works the same as all other sites under the Friend Finder Network Inc., meaning that personal privacy is heavily emphasized as well. Things like spam and harassment are not tolerated, though being such an expansive site, it can be difficult for them to police it all.

Final Thoughts

Besides the appearance of the website, is one of the more comprehensive, accessible and varied kink dating sites around. It is simple to use, offers a wide range of services and can connect people of all flavors.