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At a Glance: Best BDSM Dating Websites

RankDating WebsiteEditor RatingFind Match
1Ashley Madison10/10Visit Site
2BDSM Singles9.6/10Visit Site
3ALT9.0/10Visit Site
4Fetster8.5/10Visit Site
5Match BDSM8.0/10Visit Site
6Bondage Pal7.9/10Visit Site
7BDSM Date 7.6/10Visit Site
8BDSM U 7.5/10Visit Site



Few sites are famous for those looking to get into extramarital affairs the way Ashley Madison is famous for getting people to bend the rules of their marriage, and if you are looking to engage in BDSM activities you love with someone inside or outside of a relationship, there is no better premium spot than among the profiles at Ashley Madison. This is one of the sites that pioneered online dating and within the site; you will find a special subcategory for those interested in engaging in BDSM. Ashley Madison is a brand and a name you can trust, and there has never been a better time to join the site as they have made drastic improvements to their cybersecurity following a hacking scandal a few years back.  

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BDSM singles

BDSM Singles showcases several available partners into a wide variety of BDSM activities directly on their homepage as you visit it for the first time. You will find couples interested in adding a third, those interested in financial domination, or those seeking a dominant or submissive partner. The site proudly offers a wide variety of states and Canadian Provinces to narrow your search down to your living area. The website allows you to join their ranks and create a profile free of charge, however, if you are looking to send messages and better communicate with potential matches, you will have to be for a premium membership which will allow you to complete your profile.

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Whatever your fetish or kink is, you can be sure to find it among the profiles on Alt proudly boasts a membership of over two million profiles, making it the largest BDSM, kink, and fetish dating sites online. Beyond the typical online dating, Alt also allows for those who are new to bondage or an amateur to ease into the lifestyle so many people love and use to add a little spice to their sex lives. In addition to dating profiles, the site will also allow for video uploading to share fetish videos across its user base. So if you are looking to learn more about the lifestyle or explore new fetishes or kinks, this unique feature will come in handy as you better get to know yourself.

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Everyone seems to love online dating until the moment comes to enter their credit card information and begin to pay for the real thing. With Fetster, that never happens. The website has made a commitment to all users that the website will remain free forever. In fact, it is proudly listed as the very first thing on their site. A free membership is not curtailed to get individuals to sign up for a premium package. Head over, create a sign-in account, and begin messaging as many potential partners as you would like. Fetster also allows members to create groups and involve any members that opt-into joining them as a way to foster communication and share mutual fetishes and kinks.

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Match BDSM

Match BDSM gets immediately to the point upon visiting their website. If you are looking for a dom or a submissive player in your bedroom, you have come to the right place. Match BDSM is another dating site that follows the “freemium” model of building a client base. This means that you can join and create a profile for free. You can build out exactly how you want to present yourself to potential partners. Unfortunately, in an effort to better communicate with potential matches and provide for them more than just a wink or a like on a photo, you will have to subscribe to their paid membership. This membership can prove worth it if you are able to use the search function in your area to find potential partners.

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Bondage Pal

Bondage Pal is another BDSM, fetish, and kink dating site that is completely free of charge. Which are few and far between to come by. In addition to this incredible perk, you will also find that this site is one of the most professional and clean looking sites of almost any within the BDSM matchmaking services. On the site’s main page it proudly features a link to active accounts so that you can verify before you ever make an account just how many accounts are real. All too often with free sites, they are littered with bots from across the Internet, but at Bondage Pal, you will find them few and far between. This website is beautifully cultivated to prevent bots from infiltrating.

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If you are a gender non-confirming individual, the first website I have seen cater to those in the trans community is BDSM Date. All other sites only provide for a man or a woman when setting up their profile. In addition to transgender options, there is also an option to register an account as a couple which will provide users with a much better idea of what they are getting into when messaging a potential couple. BDSM Date also comes with a Facebook Page and community so that if someone seems too good to be true, you can hop over there and do a little social media research to make sure you know exactly who you are meeting and whether or not they are who they say they are.

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The BDSMU website may sound like it is a school devoted to teaching the finer points of the lifestyle but it is in fact a dating service. This website allows you to place into your account at setup the type of individual you are and what you are looking for in a partner. When setting up an account you will have a limited range of options available to you. You can only unleash the full abilities of the account and send direct messages to potential partners when you have paid for a premium version of the account. The free version in invaluable early as you get a feel for accounts near you and those you may be interested in.

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